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Executive Coaching- Process
The basics of executive coaching

Executive Coaching- Research
The history, types and benefits of executive coaching programs

Executive Coaching- ROI
Increasing the return on investment of executive coaching

User’s Manual
How to write your professional “user’s manual” for your staff

Handbook of Development Assessments
Assessments that are used for executive coaching and development

More about executive coaching

Handbook of Selection Assessments
Psychometric tests that organizations use to select employees

Individual and Team Assessment and Development
How to assess and develop individuals and teams

Why employment interviews are often unreliable and poor predictors of performance, and how to improve them

Interviewer Training Manual
A handbook for training interviewers to design and conduct interviews that more accurately predict candidates’ job performance

Legal Considerations in Psychometric Testing for Employee Selection
How to ensure the legality of pre-employment cognitive ability and personality tests

More about Talent Assessment 

Handbook of Team Assessments
Assessments that organizations use to develop teams

Team Habits
How teams develop, and can overcome, dysfunctional habits

Team Learning
How to speed up team learning

Virtual Teams
How to build cohesion and foster collaboration in geographically dispersed teams

More about team building

Dattner Consulting’s online 360 degree surveys for individuals, teams and organizations.

Individual Leader




Birth Order and Leadership
How birth order can illuminate the personalities of business leaders

Conflict resolution
Causes of, and remedies for, workplace conflict

Credit and Blame
Processes by which credit and blame are assigned in the workplace

Emotional Intelligence
The history, importance, components, measurement, and enhancement of emotional intelligence in the workplace

Expatriate Training
How to increase the chances of success in overseas job assignments

The Future of Human Resources
How the HR profession has changed in the past, and current trends

The risks of mindlessness, and the benefits of mindfulness at work

The benefits and risks of, and recommendations for dealing with, narcissism in the workplace

How to build and maintain a professional network

Organizational Politics
How to improve organizational politics

Performance Appraisal
How to design and implement a performance appraisal system

Performance Reviews
How to give effective performance feedback

Power, Personality and Politics
The interacting roles of power, personality and politics in the workplace

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